This was going to be a comment at leadertalk but they think it was spam (what does this say about the quality of my words…?).  So I’ve chosen to post it here an link back to there.

My school just initiated a virtual staff meeting.  We have recently read an article “Working Inside the Black Box” (Black, et al) and have recorded our inner conversations in the margins of the printed article.

School staff, with the support and encouragement of administration, has set up a discussion board that is accessible to our school staff and a hand-picked panel of “experts” in the field of instruction and assessment.


I have learned that to really get the most out of these communication tools, we must open up the walls of our school and invite as many people as possible to the conversation.  This idea was briefly mentioned at a small committee meeting while setting up the discussion board, but was quickly shot down as “dangerous” (my word, not theirs).  Perhaps there are teachers in our building who may not take well to criticism from outside our building.  Maybe this is just a first step in our school’s progress towards a global learning community. I ‘m not sure.  I just feel like we’re missing out on a potentially incredibly conversation by closing off this discussion.


My question is this – how can I point out the fact that the benefits from opening up the conversation far outweigh any drawbacks?    Are there some articles out there I could share with the committee that would persuade them to include the world on this conversation?


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  1. I think global learning is a great idea if applied correctly !!!

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