Teach them to Tell the Truth

This post is an update to “Teach them to Lie Better.”

For the past month, I have been working with one of my project students to decrease lying and other untruthful behaviors.

One of the simplest interventions I have put in place is the fact that I don’t ask him his side of the story until I know the real scoop.  Knowing that he thrives from getting individual adult attention, he only gets it when he’s being truthful.  I have found this to be extremely effective with this child.  His stealing has diminished and his tall tales about daily events have all but ceased.

It is really refreshing to work with this boy now because I can be more confident he is telling the truth.

I would love to share details about his program if there is interest.  I know others out there are struggling with kids who lie compulsively – love to hear your stories of success or trials!


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