Who is this Guy

And why do I think I’m special?

Well, special ed. I am an EBD (emotional-behavioral disability) teacher in a junior high in Manitowoc.

This is where I talk about the good stuff and the bad stuff that happens daily.

If you’re a special education teacher with similar stories, send me a link so I can blogroll you.

Besides teaching, I have other likes.

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One response to “Who is this Guy

  1. To answer your questions- I am getting my Master’s degree in Special Education. I work for L.A.U.S.D. with 3rd-5th graders, mostly with Specific Learning Disabilities. Even though I have been a special ed. assistant for six years, this is my first year teaching. So far, it has been a challenge. I’ve finally gotten almost all of the kids under control, now all I have to do is get the administration under control (ha!)