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Podcasting with Podbean

It all started with working with kids from our district’s alternative school.

I go there periodically to make a connection with the two 7th grade students in hopes that they can someday transition back to the public school setting.  Over winter break, they each acquired an .mp3 player – and were excited to make use of that.

So I gots to thinking.  I can have them be a virtual part of our community at Washington by having them listen to our discussions and respond either in writing or perhaps in verbal form.  I am hoping the kids can get to know each other (that is, my students at Washington and the two boys at the alternative school) more and more, little by little, and then eventually they can meet – and kind of know each other already.

We have just recorded our second discussion.  And we are new to this, so it is probably not “doing it right.”  But I am hoping that it will serve my idea well.

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